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Welcome to Santa Rosa Hydroponics and Growing Supplies. We are Santa Rosa’s premier growing supply store. Our staff is trained to help you in all you lighting, nutrient, and general growing questions and needs. Our large inventory of hydroponics supplies at our stores in Santa Rosa and Mooreland can have you shopping to growing in a matter of just a few hours. With our available warehouses we can fill any hydroponic order the same day with large order delivery if needed. If Online ordering is what you desire visit our online store, just Click Here.

Hydroponics is the cutting edge of garden technology, start producing high quality crops indoors, year around. Creating the perfect artificial environment is key to a successful garden. Here at Santa Rosa Hydroponics we understand what works, helping you choose the perfect setup for your space. Providing you with the best nutrients, lights and hydro systems available on the market. Whether you are setting up a home garden for personal use, or a full commercial garden, we are ready to get you started.

The Twister!

Automatic Trimming Device

If you are looking for a Twister you have found the best commercial and home leaf trimming machine. The Twister is recognized by it owners for its speed, quality, and reliability.

The Twister was designed with the for large-scale growers in mind, if you need a trimmer that will eliminate those endless hours of trimming by hand pick up a Twister. The end result will be that perfect, hand-trimmed look.

The twister can be run by one person and will cut the number of workers you’ll need to harvest your product. Making your job easier, and saving you time and money – all without sacrificing quality.

So for a way to produce larger crops with less production time pick up a twister.

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