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+ Brew Your Own ‘Veeganic’TM tea mix
+ Simple and easy one-stop brewing process
+ All-in-one world-class fertilizer AND super soil tonic
+ Bio-degradable packaging materials
+ Intelligent pricing; extremely cost-effective
+ The absolute BEST VALUE in Compost Teas
+ Boogie Brew is an unparalleled product!

Boogie Brew’s superb vegan-based tonic is quite simply a tea like no other. Gardeners are constantly amazed at its effectiveness. Producing an enormous level of biological activity, Boogie Brew creates phenomenal growth rates while saving the farmer on both fertilizer costs and water usage. Nutrients are broken down faster and made more bio-available. Salts and heavy metals found in soil and water supplies become far less hazardous to plants when the enzymes produced by Boogie’s biological army of beneficial organisms work to “soften” their impact and greatly reduce their toxicity. Prepare to witness explosive growth, healthy & shiny leaf structure, superb root development and awesome flower quality!

Boogie-Blue Water Filter

We decided to offer our highly popular “Boogie-Blue” Water Filter after receiving repeated requests by customers for a simple and effective de-chlorinating filter that was value-priced and easy-to-use. We researched a lot of water-filter companies before settling on one that would go the distance and not break the customer’s bank. We have been using one of these excellent water-filters ourselves for almost a year of daily service and have yet to see it let us down: our tea remains fresh and alive from the “Boogie-Blue” Filter’s effect de-chlorinating abilities. Remember, Compost Tea’s first enemy is chlorine and chloramine compounds that are used in all municipal water systems as lethal sanitizing agents. Wiping out all bacteria in water may be necessary for ensuring the public’s health and safety, but such effective sanitization bodes death for your soil and will ruin any chances of brewing an effective batch of beneficial biology in your compost tea. Thus, the need for a garden-friendly in-line chlorine filter that can be easily threaded onto any hose outlet.

Our Boogie-Blue Filter will effectively scrub approximately 35,000 gallons of water of 99+% the chlorine and 87% of the chloramine compounds used in municipal water supplies. Using a sizable quantity of highly effective KDF 85 copper/carbon based filtration membrane material, the Boogie Blue water filter will perform it’s specific duty of removing Compost Tea’s #1 enemy chlorine admirably. For most farmers, this means a year or more of service. Remember to continue using your Boogie-Blue water filter on ALL of your plant’s watering schedules, as you really don’t want to kill the biology you so effectively infused into your soil with your compost tea in the first place! For many people, this is all too common a mistake that is easily made; why bother brewing all that life in the first place only to wipe out your soil’s biology with subsequent plant waterings? Save your soil’s biology cost-effectively with the practical and handy Boogie-Blue water filter! Literally dozens of uses around the home and garden. Buy two and keep one installed on your garden hose, another one handy for common chores like washing the car or even as a supplementary inline filter for a household drinking system.

The fabulously practical Boogie-Blue Water Filter: Simple. Effective. Low-Cost. Another Boogie product for Gardening Success.


Boogie Brix is your one-stop sugar solution for soil & plant enhancement:
• Custom formula of complex & simple carbohydrates plus valuable bio-stimulants.
• Adds richness, flavor, taste, nutritional content and above all weight to your produce!
• Boosts SMO (Soil Micro-Organism) activity, facilitates effective translocation of nutrients.
• Superior, highly effective organic formula creates outrageous quality!

The total dissolved solids in your plants’ liquid mass, commonly known as “BRIX” levels, include not only carbohydrates, but also essential components like hormones, amino acids, oils & minerals. As brix increases, so does weight along with vastly improved taste & nutrition. Insects prefer lower brix levels. Thus, optimizing your soil’s carbohydrate profile improves plants’ defenses against invasive bugs.

When nutrients are made available to the microbes which convert them into food sources for plants, brix levels rise. Help your plants to reach their full biological potential by boosting micro-organism activity with useful elements in the form of long & short chain sugars, molasses and the essential organic additives found only in Boogie Brix!

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