Nutrients promote your plant’s genetic potential to produce rich foliage, brighter, bigger blooms with a larger yield of fruits and vegetables, or product, full of flavor, vitamins and potent yields.

Nutrients deliver the entire Major, Minor and Micro Nutrients.
Since nutrients contain the elements that are essential to a plants health, it excels when used in hydroponic and soil nutrient applications and serves as a super-food supplement when delivered regularly to plants in pots and soil.

Nutrient Benefits

  • Perfect Balanced Plant Health
  • Releases The Plants Genetic Potential
  • Delivers all the Major, Minor and Micro Nutrients
  • Makes It PH Balanced for Immediate Availability To The Plants
  • Available For All Plants At Growing Stage
  • Simple And Easy To Use, Indoors And Out With Free Consultation
  • Gentle, and if used correctly Will Not Burn Plant Growth

Easy To Use Liquid Formulas
Most Nutrient formulas are simple to use and will blend quickly with water and have pH buffers so they will be available to plants for a sustained period of time. Nutrient formulas will make the job supplying a wide variety of plants at home, in the garden and greenhouse or the commercial grow more rewarding with hassle.

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